Samstag, 13. August 2011

Angry marlin

On 11th of August we had no charter but the conditions were perfect. So just the crew went fishing to Azores bank. Nothing special happened for the first couple hours but around 2pm we got a nice marlin bite on the short corner. It took us around 15 minutes to get the 650lb blue marlin close to the boat. But than the fish was really angry when we had her on the leader. The tricky thing was that we had no wireman on board. So Lukas had to put the rod in the rodholder when we had the swivel on the rodtip and had to run to grab the leader. When we had the fish at the surface I got the bill but she was shaking her had all the time so we had to let her go again. Fanially after 30 more minutes we could remove the hook and release a healthy blue marlin.

After that we trolled on the way back home but nothing else happened.

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