Montag, 12. September 2011

Lost marlin

On Saturday 10th we started a 3 day charter with Stig from Denmark. It was a windy day and we decided to fish in the north of Faial. Around 1pm we got a strike from a blue and Stig started to fight the fish. First it seems that the fish didn´t realize that it was hooked and we could win some line. But after a few minutes the marlin made a big run and it impossible for us to stop the fish. First just on the surface and we tried to follow it but after a while it decided to go down. We could see how more and more line went out and the only way was to stop the fish, otherwise we would have been run out of line. So we put more and more drag on the fish and finally the line broke.
That was the only fish we saw on that day.

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