Montag, 19. September 2011

Philip and his big blue

On Friday 16th we had a lot of wind and we tried to find a protected area to fish with Philip and Tony. It was the south of Pico. Maybe 45 minutes after we started trolling we got a bite on our short corner but pulled the hook. Nobody saw what it was, but the fish came back and it tourned out that it was a big blue marlin. The fish wanted to eat the Big Rock Plunger but missed it the first time and came again and this time he got the lure and it was well hooked. Philp went to the chair and a big fight began. After the first run the fish turned direction and for a moment we tought we pulled the hook but we didn´t. After 30 minutes we could see the fish the first time close to the boat. But it stayed down and it was impossible to get the leader. We had almost full drag on the fish but it still stayed down. Finally after more than two hours we could get the leader. It was a really huge fish, the second biggest of the season for us. Now another boat came and the boys from Full Pull made some pictures from us with the fish. Thanks for that!!!!!

After that we decided to release the fish and it swam away.

Congratulations to Philip for his really big blue marlin!!!!!!!!!!!

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